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We make slow fermented loaves from natural ingredients, full of flavour and character. The bread we make takes care, attention and time. Where possible we use local and seasonal ingredients. Our flours come from Wicken windmill, Cambridgeshire and Shipton Mill, Gloucestershire.

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Seed and Grain Sourdough

White and wholemeal dough packed with a mix of soaked seeds and grains, the loaf has a great crust and flavour with a slightly denser crumb.

Available in 800g and 500g loaves
Ingredientsorganic white flour, organic stone ground wholemeal flour, water, linseeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, rye grains, sea salt


White & Wholemeal Sourdough

Nutty and a naturally sweet this loaf has a delicate flavour, sprouted whole wheat grains add extra texture and bite.

Available in 800g and 500g loaves
Ingredientsorganic wholemeal flour, whole wheat grains, water, sea salt

Seeded Rye Loaf

Complex and aromatic this loaf is made from a blended of rye flours, with mixed seeds and spices, it is ideal thinly sliced and keeps very well.

Available in 800g/400g tin loaf
Ingredientsorganic light rye, organic dark rye, water, organic linseeds, organic sunflower seeds, kibbled rye, coriander seeds, sea salt.


Porridge Loaf

Similar to an Irish soda bread, our wholesome porridge bread is made with gluten free oats and yoghurt.

Available in 600g tin loaf
Ingredientsgluten free porridge oats, natural yoghurt, sea salt, egg and bicarbonate of soda.